Natural mineral water BIRUTĖ. Pure, of constant chemical composition balanced by the nature. 
Obtained from deep undergrounds, therefore contains mineral substances: calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Fresh and light-tasting, effectively slakes thirst and provides body with mineral substances.
Natural mineral water Birutė has excellent taste, and is of medium mineralization.
Mineral substances perform very important tasks in the human body.
Overall water mineralization: 2671 mg/l.
Analytical composition of main components (mg/l):
Na+              650
Mg2+   81
Cl-      1204
HCO3-   243
K+       6
Ca2+   186
SO42-    375
The range of products (PET line): 
            1,5 L  
             0,5 L             
The range of products (Glass line):
    0,5 L
(limited edition)