To express our gratitude to the nature for the resources she donates us and feeling responsibility against the environment and the society, we strive to contribute to maintaining ecological balance!
How do we do that?
  • LESS PLASTIC: We have set a goal to reduce the extent of the plastic we use by as much as 40% until 2015.
  • LESS ENERGY RESOURCES: We implement modern production technologies, with the help of which we will be able to reduce the extent of electric power used by even 23 times by 2015.
  • RECYCLING: natural mineral water is bottled only tino 100% recyclable packaging; moreover, we process all waste formed during the production process.
  • REUSING: during the production process, we strive for maximum use of secondary raw materials. We have made the first step: in 2012 we were the first in Lithuania to reduce the use of plastic in bottles and to use the short-neck capping system, which allowed us reduce the extent of the plastic we use by as much as 50 tons annually. We seek to continue constantly improving our production facilities to make our products even more environment-friendly.