Not all water is the same. There are several sorts of water differentiated by the following key features: the source it is taken from, the way it reaches bottling facilities, the way it is bottled and its quality control. Natural mineral water can be called a top quality product in the water category.
It is subjected to the highest requirements in all fields. A wide series of tests is needed in order to get a permit to call a product natural mineral water:
  • Bottled water shall remain the same as that formed in the nature, it cannot be diluted, mixed, filtered or otherwise processed.
  • Territories surrounding the source shall be reliably protected from any kind of pollution. 
Natural mineral water bottled by UAB Birštono mineraliniai vandenys and Co. is obtained in Birštonas, in the Regional Park of the Loops of the River Nemunas covering the area of 25 ha protected by the State. Any industrial or other economic activities that might be harmful to the natural harmony are prohibited in this huge territory. Efforts are made to preserve untouched nature and all of its gifts in the Regional Park of the Loops of the River Nemunas.
Extraction and bottling facilities must conform to EU requirements and guarantee flawless product purity. The Company that bottles natural mineral water is regularly inspected for satisfaction of the highest quality requirements. 
If you choose natural mineral water, you choose a product satisfying the strictest requirements. Mineral water marketed by the Company Birštono mineraliniai vandneys and Co. is officially recognised in Lithuania and the EU.