Natural mineral water “Akvilė”  is formed in pure nature. In this territory, any economical or industrial activities, which could harm harmony of the nature, are prohibited. Lots of efforts are made to treasure the intact nature and all of its gifts, therefore, the alkaline (pH-8,0) water “Akvilė” is especially clean and pure – 0 nitrates! Absolutely suitable for daily use by the entire family.
It has harmonious, smooth taste, and contains mineral substances like calcium, magnesium and potassium. Absolutely suitable for daily use by the entire family.
Natural mineral water "Akvilė" is water of slight mineralization (150 mg/l) and has particularly low sodium content (2.3 mg/l), which is why it is suitable for absolutely everyone. 
Analytical composition of main components (mg/l):  
Na+           2,3
Mg2+   5,9
Cl-      3,0
HCO3-   173,8
K+       0,7
Ca2+  49,3
SO42-    1,0
 NO3-   <0,02
 NO2- <0,01
Product line (PET series):
      2 L
   1,5 L
 1 L sport
   0,5 L
    1,5 L    0,5 L
Product line (Glass series):
    1 L
 0,33 L  
    1 L
  0,33 L