Birštonas, as a resort town, has been known for years for its mineral waters, and has been known for exceptional qualities of its waters since 1382.
  • Birštono mineraliniai vandenys and Co. takes water for its products in Birštonas, in the 25 thous. ha regional park of the Loops of the River Nemunas protected by the State. Industrial and other economic activities that could be hamful to the natural harmony are prohibited in the territory.
  • Efforts are made to preserve untouched nature and all of its gifts in the regional park of the Loops of the River Nemunas. Underground waters that have formed during millions of years reach the consumer of the same quality as created by the nature - right from the well. 
  • The water of medium mineralization wells Vytautas and Birutė is located in chalk beds dating back to 100 million of years, at the depth of 125 m.